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Iterating DevOps

The Ship Show #46 podcast, The Epistemology of DevOps, originally published 13 August 2014, has many takeaways, generally focusing on issues associated with organizational and process "debt" that have little to do with the technical issues generally talked about in the "DevOps" context.


12 min:52 sec - Primary focus of the podcast starts about here

14:13 Kevin Behr makes a remark about sensing "restlessness about scaling" in the industry. This isn't directly about the organizational/process debt discussed later, but insightful since posts and tweets about scaling concerns are pervasive today and have clearly been a concern for some time.

16:53 Engineers want to know, "Is there an RFC for DevOps so I can use it like a tool?"

17:30 We don't need to standardize DevOps (so it can be productized and sold)

18:05 Developers: "If you ops people would just expose an API so we can interact with you like robots..."

18:25 DevOps is not about optimizing for developers

20:25 Culture is an abstraction we invent to represent interactions in a system

25:30 Taylor did atomistic science, focusing on the individual. Lean focuses on the system.

26:25 Science means we don't know, so we have to keep asking in a structured way. Once we know, we do engineering.

30:35 Almost no company teaches how to improve daily

37:10 The ability to transmit information among people is the limiting factor in most organizations

44:00 coal miners cross training for more productivity and safety through learning in a complex, dangerous environment

46:15 increase response repertoire

47:00 ITIL good for simple environments where things are constrained

51:00 Difficulties in creating emergent teams to deal with problems

51:40 Meetings to deal with problems diffuse responsibility and people think they provide safety

52:00 ephemeral crews to deal with dynamic capabilities; cross silos like cells with permeable walls

54:00 the pragmatic maxim

55:15 Explore it by Elisabeth Hendrickson

56:45 Heresy in Devops is ok

59:20 What's wrong with the enterprise today? Everything is a project. Actually, we're on a permanent change footing.

61:35 We're not resources, we're humans.

62:15 conversation ends