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Increase Value with Modernized Technology

Businesses can increase value with solutions that modernize their information technology, such as:

  • Enterprise software transition, moving from the monolithic to the flexible.
  • Infrastructure reengineering, by developing a more economical infrastructure that better reflects modern technology and practices.
  • Workflow and deployment — transitioning from the usual "siloed" culture, where each functional group is isolated from their coworkers to a collaborative environment.

Businesses need time for their current day-to-day functions, want to find time for innovation, and only grudgingly make time to deal with "technical debt" when it can't otherwise be ignored.

Technical debt includes all those "good ideas at the time" that today are a drag, since it inhibits day-to-day functions and reduces the ability of the business to innovate. Works@Scale is focused on helping enterprises reengineer their processes to incorporate appropriate innovation, reduce technical debt, and improve responsiveness for day-to-day operations.

How can you get started in evaluating emerging tech for suitability? What are the right questions to ask? Who needs to be involved? Can the effort be done in-house or is guidance from others needed to short cut missteps?

What's the organization's current technology baseline, including technical debt? What's the expertise of the in-house staff and is significant knowledge going to be lost as people retire or otherwise leave? What's the risk to the business?

How long does it take for a new business requirement to be deployed into a production system? Years? Months? How many languages are being used? How many versions, releases, patch levels of software distributions?

What is the inventory of software and what are the associated licensing charges? How old is the hardware and does it perform adequately during peak business demand?

How long does it take for supporting systems to be updated when there's a version change? Is the risk of updating viewed to be too great?

All of these issues and more are key to getting the most out of an enterprise's technology investment. Works@Scale can help maximize technology investment return and reduce risk.